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All Handcrafted Here At Powder Horn!

Tom has years experience building these benches and stools.  Easily hold 300+ lbs and ROCK SOLID!  Made with some of the best materials available.  Prices include shipping and insurance to your door.  Legs on most of these are Hornbeam and will not fail! Give us a call to further discuss any of our work or to have us make you a custom set or piece.

Would like to sell this as a set...  2 - 4ft benches and 1 stool, made out of Cherry and Hornbeam legs.  The larger bench has 2 Tuna carved in the top.  Notice the awesome design on the legs.  Pictures do these no justice.  $1575 for all 3 pieces.  Will sell seperate, prices on each picture.

Set  $1575

Bench #1  $550

Call us for special orders.

We will build to suit.

Saw marks were left in the benches and really set off the surface!  Still smooth and beautiful....

Bench #2 $775

Stool $375

Table top Fallow horn candle holders.  


$275 Each

$500 for set of 2

Sika horn hat rack on aged Cherry.


$200 each

$375 for set of 2

120"+ Whitetail skull on OLD Black Walnut.


$300  This is real nice mount!

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